Paul Green

I started my career in 1995 and served my time as an apprentice electrician, gaining a broad range of experience across the electrical sector, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.  Electrical Maintenance work became a recurring theme which has meant a forward-thinking approach to reduce down time, access requirements and future planning.

Electrical Analysis became part of my role. Installing Data Logging devices on various types of supplies, reporting the loadings, fluctuations and harmonics. I would translate this data in to clean understandable information that the customer could understand and assist in determining how to improve the efficiencies.

Supporting my career, qualifications and training have played a significant part. I gained an HND in Engineering which enabled me to progress and work for M&E Consultants. I designed large electrical schemes, produced tender specifications and managed the projects through to completion.

In 2004 I started the business G.P.Green Electrical and with all of the above experiences and a strong customer focus at the forefront the business and gone from strength to strength.

Call to discus how I can help with your electrical needs:- 01223 902 209


Gabi Bailey

Gabi has worked with G.P. Green Ltd as a key customer in Facilities Management for a number of years and, in 2016, joined the team as Office Manager.  She has a wealth of experience in administration, scheduling, project and budget management and a highly developed sense of customer service, recognizing the importance of each individual customer, no matter how small or large the job.

Electrician Cambridge

Electrician Cambridge Callum Tragheim

Callum Tragheim

Electrician Cambridge

I started my career by completing a JIB approved apprenticeship, working extensively throughout the domestic, commercial and industrial sector. Doing so has given me vast experience working on both single phase and three phase power and lighting systems, intricate fire alarms, security and emergency lighting systems.

Last year I was given the great opportunity to work with G.P. Green Electrical. At G.P. Green work is carried out only to the highest standard. We are committed to using innovative installation methods and are currently pushing the boundaries of home automation.

When my partner and I relocated to Cambridge, I was given the chance to set up and run a new Cambridge division of G.P. Green Ltd. Partnering up with Paul Green, Director of G.P. Green Ltd, who has over 21 years’ experience in the industry has enabled me to set up a high end and efficient company.

I have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for problem solving, but above all we as a team are committed to giving the highest quality service that brings you a tradesman you can trust.

Call to discus how I can help with your electrical needs:- 01223 902 209