Cambridge Electrical Work Examples

Here is some Cambridge Electrical Work Examples of the more interesting things we get involved in and the pleasure we get from delivering the vision of our customers. We are very proud of the all of the work we undertake for our customers.

The verity of work G P Green Electrical can do for you is the reason why we are the 1st Choice Cambridge Electrician.

Have a look at the pictures of the verity of work we do, installing decorative chandeliers, wiring replacement kitchens, installing outside lights around your property.


A small project we were very proud of recently was an installation of a home media system. The equipment was purchased direct by the customer from Richer Sounds in Cambridge.

As a recommended installer of Richer Sounds Cambridge we liaised with the customer and created this full enclosure for the TV media system. All electrical wiring was completed and the end result was fantastic.

Security lighting has really moved on over recent years. The introduction and development of LED fittings means the brightness of the traditional 500 watt flood light can be achieved with an energy efficient LED fitting of just 30 watts!

LED flood lights also have the added benefit of being available in four different light output colors, daylight, white, cool white or warm white. These option can be chosen to match and complement other lighting around the property or to maximise colour definition.

Internal LED lighting has created enormous creative possibilities. Colour changing systems can now be installed to give an amazing impact to a feature staircase. Themes can be saved and lighting altered at a touch of a button or a preprogrammed time of the day

G P Green Electrical are NICEIC Approved Contractors which means we are certified to carryout 3 phase commercial electrical work aswell.

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